Get Your Clients What They Deserve:

From $50,000 to $1.4 MILLION

“My client displayed whiplash symptoms despite not hitting his head.

Many attorneys would miss the symptoms of chronic post concussion syndrone and not work it up.

Sumify’s team highlighting this allowed a work up of the case to increase the settlement offer from $50,000 to $1.4 MILLION.”

Maximize Recovery:

From $25,000 to $1 MILLION

“Sumify made me aware of the implications of myelopathy, a condition many attorneys overlook. 

We recovered $1 MILLION for our client instead of settling for $25,000.”



Results for your Clients:

An additional $250,000

“Sumify’s medico-legal experts led me to question doctors regarding spondylolisthesis, another term often overlooked by attorneys.

The doctors  advised that the condition could lead to surgery resulting in an additional $250,000 for my client.”


Sumify combines a Physician’s Eyes with an Attorney’s Mind:

Sumify is a medico-legal company developed by feedback from attorneys to produce outcome specific medical summaries, demand letters, and deposition summaries for attorneys. Our medico-legal experts examine the details of a case critically and deliberately to highlight subtle value drivers that turn 5-figure cases into 6-figure cases and 6-figure cases into 7-figure cases.

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