What is the experience of reviewing Physicians?

  • Sumify has a team of doctors and nurses on staff with various specialties ranging from home health to the operating room.
  • Sumify’s team of doctors and nurses have more than a decade’s experience in reviewing medical records for personal injury, medical malpractice, and mass tort matters. The team has expertise in the medical and legal field that enable us to perform an insightful medical review

Are we HIPAA compliant?

  • Yes, we offer a custom-built, HIPAA compliant CRM powered by Salesforce offering access control, platform encryption, and event monitoring.

What other services do you offer?

  • We are well-versed in drafting medical chronologies, medical timelines, demand letters, deposition summaries, and various other medico-legal services.

How long does the summarization of medical records take?

  • Typically, 20-40 pages per hour are summarized. This may vary depending on the type of records.

How do we onboard our clients?

  • Sumify will create an account, and the client will receive login credentials through email. If necessary, we provide demos and on demand onboarding sessions.

What is the process once I upload my records?

  • Once records are uploaded and submitted, the progress of your summaries can be tracked from within your portal.

What size does my file have to be?

  • Files can be of any size.

If I receive additional batches of records, can they be added to my summary?

  • Yes

Can you work with our Case Management Software?

  • Yes, we can. We can even integrate our portal with your software through an API that will facilitate summaries’ management directly from your software account.

Would it be possible for the relevant bates number(s) to be referenced in the summary?

  • It is a standard capture in our chronology/summary.

  How will you manage duplicate records?

  • The uploaded, unorganized medical records are reviewed, sorted, and organized. Duplicate and non-related documents are removed.

Do you have a charitable component?

  • A percentage of the client’s first invoiceable summary is donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Center.