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An entire case can turn on a single fact. One pivotal fact can transform a 5-figure case to a 6-figure case, a 6-figure case to a 7-figure case. In many cases, these value drivers are readily apparent (e.g. disc herniations). However, some are more subtle like myelopathy, myelomalacia, and spondylolisthesis. At Sumify, we excel when it comes to searching out and finding these subtle value drivers that frequently go unnoticed and have the unique benefit of skyrocketing the value of a case. 

Ease and Speed

Sumify’s customizable summaries allow you to get quickly caught up to speed on a case while at the same time giving you the ability to dig into appointments that may be more important than others by using bates stamped page references. For example, if a plaintiff is in an accident and is claiming a back injury, it would be important for the attorney to be able to quickly identify that the plaintiff had a prior back surgery without having to take the time to go through all of the medical records herself

Why are we the best?

Sumify is the best because no other company is as committed to converting customer feedback into massive value. We have summaries that target the customer’s need for value, which no one else offers like we do. We have other summaries that target the customer’s need for ease and speed, which no one else offers like we do.

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