Why was Sumify created?

Sumify was created to save attorney’s time and give them an edge. Our summaries are designed to be lean, effective, and outcome specific – not a regular boilerplate chronology or narrative. They are specific for working up a case, building damages, assessing whether to invest time, energy, attention, and resources into a case, specific for answering discovery, preparing clients for deposition (form to give client to study), preparing doctors for deposition, defending depositions, taking depositions, preparing for trial, examining witnesses, briefs to the court!

Collection of Medical Records

All of the medical records are collected through our HIPAA-compliant portal powered by Salesforce. You can manage files for all your cases, review the progress of the summaries, and submit support tickets at any time through a dedicated account. 

Subtle Value Drivers (KQI’s) Highlighted

The doctors of Sumify don’t just summarize records but thoroughly scrutinize them to find subtle value drivers, which we refer to as Key Quantum Indicators or KQI’s, that transform 5-figure cases into 6-figure cases; and 6-figure cases into 7-figure cases.

Experience of Reviewing Physicians


Our team consists of subject matter experts with more than a decade’s experience in reviewing medical records for personal injury, medical malpractice, and mass tort matters. The team comprises medical professionals including surgeons, registered nurses, and physicians with expertise in the medical and legal field that enable us to perform an insightful medical review rather than a mechanical one. We are well-versed in drafting medical chronologies, medical timelines, demand letters, deposition summaries, and various other medico-legal service.

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